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Klein Bicycles

Thirty years ago an MIT graduate student and category 2 road racer decided to let his passion for cycling guide his career path. His name was Gary Klein, and he pioneered the amazing oversize-aluminum bicycles that now proudly bear the Klein name. Today's Kleins are on the cutting edge with aluminum, carbon-fiber and suspension designs offering the lightest, fastest and smoothest bikes available. Plus, what are probably the nicest finishes anywhere. Here's a peak at these wonderful bikes. Come in soon to see them in person!

Expertly-engineered carbon enhances the ride!Carbon
High-modulus carbon-fiber composite appears in the seatstay assembly, the Aeros Carbon fork and in the chainstays of select Klein models. This composite doesn't just reduce weight, it adds stiffness and capitalizes on carbon’s capacity to absorb road and trail vibration. End result: climbing efficiency, viciously quick acceleration, tight, stable, predictable cornering and comfort you'll appreciate on long days in the saddle.

Klein's Q-Pro XX is a scorching-fast racer!Klein's Q-Pro XX is a race-ready work of art that flies through the miles. Its Quantum Pro frame is constructed with revolutionary Gradient ZR9000 aluminum and features high-modulus carbon-fiber seatstays. The result is one of the lightest, most responsive and compliant bikes on the road. Equipped with an Aeros carbon fork, a Bontrager Race XXX Lite Carbon wheelset, and 20 gears powered with Campagnolo's brilliant Record gruppo, the Q-Pro XX is a thoroughbred chomping at the bit.
Klein's Mono-Link Suspension smoothes the trail!Mono-Link Suspension
Developed by legendary suspension innovator Paul Turner, Klein's Mono-Link suspension system allows complete independence of the pedaling and suspension action. Thanks to a 15-degree linear rear-and-upward swing of the axle, the suspension acts in the same plane as impact forces from the trail. This suspension vector ensures the rear wheel stays glued to the trail whether you're blasting over small undulations or absorbing seismic strikes. And the integration of the bottom bracket and suspension system eliminates pedal bob for incredibly dialed power transfer.

Klein's Palomino XV gallops over rough terrain!

Klein's Palomino XV is one dialed-in pony. The ZR9000 Gradient Aluminum main frame is combined with the cutting-edge Maverick Mono-Link rear suspension. And, by using the Maverick SC32 suspension fork, Klein carefully matches the rear suspension to an adjustable 85 to 125mm of smooth front suspension. The Palomino XV's rear suspension won't buck you around either; it absorbs rough terrain with an upward and rearward arc, effectively moving your wheel away from bumps. And, the Palomino XV is equipped with great parts from Shimano and Bontrager, too.

Cable routing through the frame keeps your bike sleek!Internal Cable Routing
Klein engineered its internal cable routing "dimples" both to improve aerodynamics and to disperse frame stresses. Tests have proven that the formed shapes and strategic placement of the dimples actually strengthen Klein frames. They also contribute to a Klein's comfortable and compliant ride. And we're sure you'll appreciate the smooth, clean lines of your cable-free frame and how not having an exposed cable means it can't scratch the top tube.
This is not your father's aluminum!ZR 9000 Aluminum
Klein's proprietary alloy blends the advantages of aerospace-grade aluminum, zirconium, copper and manganese into lighter, stronger tubing with a 98-percent better fatigue life than industry-standard aluminum. Its improved strength allows for thinner Gradient tube walls in key areas of the frame, which reduces frame weight by 15 percent. You'll be astounded how light and easy pedaling this makes your new bike.

Klein's Reve V has a super-comfortable ride!Ride the miles away in comfort while aboard Klein's Reve V. This sweet package features Klein's exclusive Gradient ZR9000 Aluminum tubing married to a softtail, rear triangle with carbon-fiber wishbone seatstays. The end result is a feathery frame weighing just 2.9 pounds and featuring a half-inch of rear-wheel travel. Plus, you'll laugh at gruelling headwinds and snicker at daunting climbs thanks to the triple chainrings up front. The crisp-shifting Shimano drivetrain and light Bontrager Race wheelset will keep you smiling mile after mile, too.

Void-Free Welds
Klein's proprietary process creates smooth, void-free welds that are aesthetically cleaner and significantly stronger. Because welds receive the most stress of any part of a bike frame, strong welds are critical to a frame's longevity. Because void-free welds don't include the weakening bumps and pits common to inferior welds, their smooth composition dramatically increases a Klein frame's life.

Check out these strong, smooth welds!

The Klein Attitude XV Disc is a top-notch hardtail!

Bred for adventure, the Attitude XV Disc slices through singletrack and speedily summits grueling climbs. Klein's exclusive Gradient ZR9000 Aluminum tubing is stiff and light for quick acceleration and great handling. Plus, it offers a smooth and comfortable ride. Other sweet specs include a Fox F100 RLT fork to tame rugged terrain, Shimano components for flawless shifting and braking, and reliable Bontrager tires and wheels.

Come in today to check out our entire line of Klein bicycles!

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