Your Best New Year's Resolution!

Set yourself free with cycling!

Want a New Year's resolution that's fun, easy and that will make you feel better in almost every aspect of your life? Try bicycling. It's something almost anyone can do, and it will get you into shape faster and easier than almost any other sport.

Unbeatable Calorie Burner
Cycling melts away the pounds!Cycling burns more calories than aerobics, weight training and most other sports making it ideal for fulfilling dreams of fitness, health and weight loss. Spinning the pedals provides constant movement, which equates to high-calorie expenditure. An average person could easily burn 700 calories in an hour just by riding at 10 to 15mph. 

And, no matter how much you've exercised recently, we're sure you can do that on a modern bicycle. If you can ride faster, you'll burn even more calories. Plus, due to the constant aerobic and muscular effort, cycling provides long, lean muscles that give your body a balanced, graceful quality. So, please, don't buy another gym membership card that will quickly gather dust. Try riding regularly for a few months instead and see how much it helps. 

The Fun Exercise
Since when has exercising been so much fun?Cycling might just be the most enjoyable way to get in shape, too. The almost magical balance required to guide a bicycle and the effortless glide of the resulting two-wheel motion produce a simple joy that most of us remember from childhood. The scenery is even more impressive.

Your rides will take you outdoors to rarely explored scenery. You'll whistle pass lush pastures, picturesque neighborhoods, scenic vistas and through stunning sunsets and sunrises. You'll quickly appreciate this more than spending time beneath the artificial glow of gym lights or staring monotonously at the swimming pool floor.

And as you get into riding you'll discover the joy of carving corners, the excitement of taming dirt roads and trails, or just act like a kid again and enjoy weaving side to side as you coast along. You'll become more familiar with areas around your home and learn new routes along back streets, too. And, you'll leave the noise and smells of civilization behind as you appreciate the sites and sounds of nature at the perfect pace for observation.

Cycling is tops in the convenience department, too. You don't need to drive anywhere to start exercising, you can simply pedal from home. And, if you don't even have enough time for rides for fitness, you might be able to commute to work. It won't take much longer than driving and you'll feel great when you get to work because you've exercised and avoided the stress of traffic.

Riding with friends is great fun!If the weather is bad or the day is short, you can ride indoors, too. All you need is an indoor trainer and you can exercise in the comfort of your home and watch your favorite television shows or movies at the same time.

Perhaps the best part is that almost any bike and any amount of cycling will help if you do it on a regular basis. We bet you've got a bicycle in your basement or garage that you could ride a mile or two a day. Start easy like this, and before you know it, long rides will become child's play.

Injury Prevention and Recovery
Cycling is just what the doctor ordered!Cycling is not only the most injury-free sport, it's also great for recovering from injuries sustained in other sports. That's because cycling is a low-impact activity free of the pounding found in running or contact sports. And, because the joints don't move laterally, you can avoid ligament and tendon damage caused by ball sports. That's why doctors routinely prescribe cycling as an aid in recovering from other sports injuries.

Actually, many of the world's best cyclists tried the sport first after suffering knee injuries from running or skiing. And, they liked it so much they gave up their previous sport. Juli Furtado (former national-team skier), Mike Engleman (former runner), Mara Abbott (former collegiate swimmer), Scott Nydam (former rock climber) and Lance Armstrong (former triathlete), all decided that riding was the way to go.
Armstrong is probably cycling's most famous recovery story, a cancer survivor who won the Tour de France a record 7 straight times. We're sure that Lance will tell you the bicycle played a huge part in his recovery. But, you don't need to be injured to start cycling — regular riding will make anyone healthier and stronger.

Ride More, Feel Better
For health and happiness, take up cycling!We guarantee that the more you ride, the better you'll feel. You're likely to notice at least one of the following changes: better leg muscle tone, more energy for other activities, greater resistance to colds and flu, greater mental clarity, better sleep, weight that meets official "ideal weight" guidelines, and improved diet as you choose more effective fuels for your new engine.

Cycling will boost your confidence, too. Ten miles might seem like a long distance at first, but soon it will become easy. And as you pass new levels of mileage and speed like mile markers on the autobahn, you'll learn that many things you thought were impossible, are now easy. Plus, you'll likely notice that you have more confidence at work or just hanging out with friends.

Toys for Big Boys and Girls
Each part of a bike is a beautiful jewel!Another reason to take up cycling is that it could be the sport with the most "toys." Sure, you only need a bike to start having fun. But, there are all kinds of accessories to make riding even more enjoyable, from car racks that let you explore new terrain, to bags for carrying your gear along, to lighting systems, computers and more.

And, if you're like us, you'll enjoy trying new things and finding ways to add fun to your riding. There are also many different types of bicycles, each built for a different terrain or style of riding, and each with a unique personality and its own accessories. So, unlike some sports where you pile up equipment you never use, your cycling gear will make the experience even more enjoyable and motivate you to ride even more, too.  

We know from personal experience that no matter how you choose to ride, if you start cycling on a regular basis it will keep you feeling healthy and happy. And, we're always ready to help you get started or take your cycling to the next level. We hope to see you soon.