When you bring your bike to the Trek Bicycle Store for repair, you can expect a thorough assessment, accurate estimate and reliable completion of all service. 

We take care of you. Period.

Tune Up Packages

Basic Tune Up


This is the perfect package for a newer bike. It prepares your bike for safe operation and includes adjustments to all basic systems, including:

  • Shifting System
  • Braking System
  • Safety Check of connecting bolts

Deluxe Tune Up


This package is made for the casual cyclist, who wants problem-free riding. With this package, we will adjust all the major systems, including, basic tune up plus:

  • Wheel System
  • UltraSonic Drive Train Cleaning*
  • Bike Cleaning
  • New cable Installation

Complete Overhaul


This package includes a complete disassembly, cleaning, and rebuild of all systems on the bicycle. The ultimate annual service package. Deluxe tune up plus:

Grease & repack all major bearing systems

*We will clean and polish your frame. Full drive train disassembly and detail clean - ULTRASONIC. Braking surfaces will be clean and refinished. This maintenance is recommended based on normal usage. Parts are extra.

**Tune up and overhaul package prices reflect labor only, parts extra. $3 Shop Charge may apply on all Tune Ups and Select Services.

Featured Services

Flat Tire Repair (On Bike)* $15.00

Flat Tire Repair (Off Bike)* $10.00

Shifting System Adjustment $20.00

Chain Replacement (Labor Only) $10.00

Drivetrain Removal Inspection & Cleaning $80.00

Braking System Adjustment $20.00

Brake Bleed $40.00

Wheel System Adjustment $15.00

Hub Rebuild (Per Wheel) $25.00

Wheel Truing* $15.00

Headset Rebuild $30.00

Adjustable Bottom Bracket Rebuild $30.00

Package Bicycle $85.00

Bicycle Storage (Per Day)** $2.00

Service Hourly Rate $85.00

*minimum charge, parts not included
  **48 hour free storage after repair

  $3 Shop Charge may apply on all Tune Ups and Select Services.

If you need services you don't see here, please contact us for a quote.

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